VERASPHERE: A Love Story in Costume is a short documentary film from NuReality Productions. Two men, both diagnosed with AIDS and with little hope of a future come together in the mid 1990's to create art in the form of elaborate and outrageous costumes. For David and Michael, what starts out as an intimate art project rapidly grows into a large and diverse tribe, all centered around one day of costumed celebration in the SF Pride Parade.

David and Michael narrate the story of their relationship, artistry, community building and survival. Along the way we are introduced to friends, neighbors, and members of the Verasphere collective who provide compelling personal insight into the brightly colored world David and Michael have crafted.

Not simply content with providing a highly visual community experience, David and Michael emphasize the environmental ethos of reuse and repurposing by offsetting large amounts of materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill. Armed with hot glue guns, David and Michael give discarded clothing, toys, and unwanted plastics a new life as wild and outlandish costumes to be marched in at the Pride Parade for years to come.

VERASPHERE brings the viewer inside the lives of David and Michael in an examination of the creation that gave them something to live for.